Modvlar Records confirm their next event in Milan with special guest Raresh

Hashtag Club in Milano will host another night of mellifluous rhythms from Dragosh and Phredo alongside the Romanian titan of electronic music on the Friday, 19th November.  Living in Milan but originating from Bucharest, Dragosh is one true examples of diligence when it comes to music production and mixing, as well. With great experience history, he played his first Sunwaves Festival when he was only 23 and had numerous releases included on the notorious Rhadoo’s Fabric72. Dainty and supple, Dragosh who appears shy at first, combines the 90’s fluidity with the eclectic dark that result in the crowd’s visible ecstasy.

Phredo was born and raised in Italy, started DJing when he was 17 and joined Modvlar Records after several years of residency in numerous clubs and has releases not only for the previous label but for Dragosh’s WE:US.

Needing no introduction, Raresh is amongst the pioneers of the Romanian Minimal Scene. A real joie de vivre, he can boost any party, turning it in a real success. It often happens for guests to refuse leaving the event when Raresh had stopped playing his set. Among other precious releases, stands Arpiar01, a clean deck featuring only Rhadoo and him.  However, he makes great team not only with his colleagues from [a:rpia:r], but also with Praslea (Praslesh) and Ricardo Villalobos.

As we know, the last two years were not a success from the point of view of partygoers and DJs but Modvlar is back on track: as the previous event lineup featured Janeret, Dragosh, Crocodile Soup and Vanni this definitely means that the following events that they have in plan are going to be a tour de force. All things considered, if you are in Milan or near it, this series of parties are a must to attend because of their special guests, astonishing venues and copious atmosphere.

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