Listen to Raresh first ever ambient podcast delivered for CultKitchen

Studio XXIX @ Crossroads 2018 : Raresh

For the 25th edition of CultKitchen’s ambient and experimental radio show, the Russian duo of Kirill and Valeriy have entrusted this particular sonic journey to one of the gatekeepers of Romanian minimal – Raresh. Having already welcomed fellow leftfield selector Clovis for a downtempo session the pedigree of CultKitchen’s output is obvious. Usually known for show-stopping headline sets at the world’s most discerning underground musical emporiums Raresh more than meets the remit of this esteemed mix series.

Swapping room-filling percussion and bass bin busting basslines for the first time ever Raresh sets off on a lush musical journey that is tailor-made for the introspective period once the last beat of the after after hours dies away. Lush soundscapes bleed effortlessly into echoing vocals and fx from tape delay heaven. This cerebral odyssey, with barely a kick drum in sight throughout the hour plus mix points towards an artist that has more than just unearthed bangers in his record bag. If you have a spare hour for quiet reflection make sure and click the link below for something different from the [ar:pia:r] founder.

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