Leeds-Barcelona collective MASS celebrate 8 years with Vera

The Leeds-come-Barcelona collective MASS are celebrating eight years with the veteran selector Vera.

After inception back in 2016 with Molly, Ethan McNamara and the first residents Lijero and Wheatley, the now vinyl label MASS has grown into an extended collective of creatives expressing though their releases, events and podcast series.

Molly at Freedom Mills, Leeds, 2016.

Their showcases have welcomed a diverse selection of artists to Leeds over the years, including early curation merging a minimal influence with more spirited sounds like Cezar and Z@p, plus the likes of Vlada, Spacetravel and Gwenan to the soon to be closed Wire basement in Leeds.

The city was also the route to their connection with the late Andy Panyani and Alec Stone of A² and Alien Recordings, leading to the MASS002 record presenting precious cuts recorded before Andy’s passing.

Alien Recordings and the MASS collective.

Returning to their new Leeds home The Imaginarium, the collective will celebrate eight years of MASS on Friday May 24th. Inviting a true legend of the game with decades of experience behind and in front of the booth, Melliflow co-founder Vera will play an extended set on The Imaginarium’s newly installed Martin Audio sound system.

Vera’s influence on multiple generation is well documented across many forms, including running the taste making Melliflow label with Alexandra, plus over two decades refining the art of DJing with a residency at the legendary Robert Johnson starting in 2004. As a producer her work has connected with respected labels like Perlon, and, plus collaborations with Ricardo Villalobos, as well as Maayan Nidam under the moniker Mara Trax.

The MASS birthday offers a unique opportunity to witness such an experienced artist in an intimate environment. The Imaginarium’s intimate 120 capacity space in Leeds is the kind of cosy spot where DJs feel comfortable, backed by a clear sound system and a close connection to the crowd.

Now with part of the MASS crew based in Barcelona, their connections have developed with the distribution Small Black Dots, as well as co-hosting the NEST micro-festival. MASS will also make their debut showcase at this year’s OFF The Record with the UK digger Kyle Toole.

Prior to the Alien Recordings EP, the label debuted with of the first residents Kepler in a full Leeds-related EP which we premiered last year, featuring Midge Thompson and residents Nikol and Keefy G. 003 is said to be coming soon with Leeds-based producer Zuul, as well as Barcelona-connections Monile and Driahn, plus a track from Nikol.

Buy tickets for 8 years of MASS with Vera here.

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