ReSolute and Jigit returns with an almighty showcase at NYC’s H0L0 complex

Having helped to introduce the world to awe inspiring world of Jigit back in 2020 with their first release, the minds of Thomas Station and O.BEE return to Planet Earth. Most labels would follow this up with perhaps another white EP or perhaps an expansive LP, and they did, but this is just not Jigit’s style. Their brand is all encompassing and really does hit on all the steps of music, from the slow and funky, right through to the peak time bombs that Station and O.BEE et al are so well known for. As you will have noticed by now Jigit are deeply embedded in the visual arts and the artworks are lovingly crafted by fellow founder Asli Tunaman who is a partner of Jigit alongside O.bee and Tomas Station and also the visual mastermind behind the project.

Jigit’s parties have a habit of starting early and finish late, very late. This party on collaboration with NYC OG’s ReSolute is no exception and its big, huge in fact, and we don’t use this term lightly either. In celebration of Earth Day the Jigit crew will be taking over all three levels of New York’s H0L0 and they have packed it to the gunnels with all shades of electronic music from start to finish across the indoor rooms and sun kissed outdoor yard. The start point will be 7am on Saturday, April 22nd and the music won’t stop for at least 40 hours. This is of course a loose run time as there is a lot of artists to cover in this time.

Amongst the quite simply brilliant live acts performing across the weekend will be Slowlife’s S. Moreira and his band, Yantra, Aline Umber, People People, Paul Desenne, Melchior Productions ltd., Dandy Jack & The Latin Lava, and Ohm Hourani. As you might have guessed already this is no ordinary event and we are only just getting started.

Taking control of the turntables (and CDJ’s) will be an almighty cast of selectors from all corners of the underground. In no particular order (as they are all quality acts) is Adi, Chuwee, Dan Andrei, Dawidu, Eli Verveine, Eris, Garrett David, Harry Mccanna, Markus Sommer, Maxime DB, Pano, Salar Ansari, and of course none other than O.BEE and Tomas Station. This smorgasbord of sounds is more akin to a Sonar week party but, this is just how Jigit gets down.


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