Premiere: B1 – Irie Nation – Vibrations & Soul [JIGIT001]

Can you Jigit? You will soon enough, as there’s a new record label about in town. It’s absolutely bursting with creativity and is well worth a look in. Little is known about Jigit, the brainchild of Bogota born Tomás Station and ReSolute affiliate O.BEE, other than the fiction within which it is wrapped. The music comes from Irie Nation, another one of Station’s several monikers.

This is however less about the artist and more about the story it springs from. Impressively slick, bright, and colourful imagery dominates Jigit, alongside an innately fun and whimsical narrative. The concept, depicted within a mini-comic, focuses on spreading musical vibrations across the world from a single point. Said vibrations come in the form of a five-track EP. Said point is ‘5.1398° N, 3.3238° W’.

‘Vibrations & Soul’ opens with a handful of narcs. Introduced by an at first ordinary voice, an ode to mind-bending, trip inducing chemicals. A springy melody takes over, bouncing over a popping bassline. Light synth notes drift a hint of old school acid, breathing gently across the cool vocal that defines it.

This nod to the 90s becomes more prevalent with the rave stabs that dominate the breakdown. Vocals of ‘vibration and soul’ spiral, whirring energy before tapping cymbals announce the drop back into that smooth groove. Each layer brings with it something different, yet the track remains consistently playful. Much like the label behind it.

Irie Nation lands his debut at the end of the month. Buy the record from or Juno. Or if you’re really keen, you can pre-order on Bandcamp for $1000…

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