Gene On Earth to showcase new artists via new Nugnet imprint

After Gene On Earth delivered a masterclass by way of his online course ‘The Blueprint’ he unveiled a unique insight into his production methods. By showing the path to seeking out and creating a sound palette and then arranging them in a similar vein to his own Limousine Dream bangers he offered would be producers his skills to take in their particular direction.

As a result of The Blueprint Gene On Earth has received many tracks from up and coming producers. What was to become a limited digital release has, as a result of the quality submissions grown to become much more. Now eight of the best submissions will now feature across two vinyl releases and a further twelve will feature on a digital VA.

The vinyl release will feature upfront and punchy cuts from Half Cut, Nicolas Duque, Sekance, and Ollie Drummond while the digital release will feature a wider spectrum sounds. While there is a distinct thread that runs throughout both releases it is very interesting to see how the skills that Gene provides have been interoperated and applied in their own productions. Limousine Dream has only just begun to branch out to other artists with James Andrew’s ‘A Slice of Nice’ EP it is clear that Nugnet will be a home to some exciting new names in the near future.

You can also check out the digital release via the Limousine Dream Bandcamp page and also The Blueprint is available via

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