FUSE London tease out the start of their open-air festival lineup

It has been a long road back to the point where events can again be announced and potentially one of the biggest events of the summer has just begun to tease out their line-up. We are of course talking about FUSE London’s open-air event that is going to be taking place in an as-yet-undisclosed East London location on Sunday, September 5th. The daytime party vibe is an important facet of the FUSE DNA so you know this is going to be special.

So far, the East London collective has only announced two acts but they are a sure sign of big things to come. First up is the FUSE London’s talisman and absolute boss man Enzo Siragusa. The man himself has made no bones about the fact that this is going to be their biggest event to date and with some of the parties he has thrown in his time, this is set to be a biggie. There is also the fact that the last time FUSE put on a show was back in November 2019. The lack of musical outlets seems to have been a big factor in such a big open-air party in the offing.

The second act to be announced is the triple threat French force of Apollonia and they have been put down for a 3-hour set. Long-time friends and collaborators of the brand will also be bursting at the seams to get back on the decks. Having been relatively quiet since the start of the year you can be sure that the team of Shonky, Dyed, and Dan Ghenacia has been spending their time digging away for the type of tunes that you just need in your life.

To add even more context to just how big the upcoming open-air event is going to be FUSE sadly missed out on celebrating their 12th birthday back in November. Couple that with COVID-19 finally being taken down a peg or two, if that doesn’t seal the deal we are sure there will be plenty of other reasons coming down the pipeline in the coming weeks.

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