French label Steppin’ Motion return with third release from a legend of the scene

Since long before their first release back in 2018 Parisian imprint Steppin’ Motion has been wading through the myriad of genres and sub-genres that make up the electronic music spectrum. The result of this hard work, passion, and digger ethos has led the label to a point where they have been able to unearth and support music, artist, and DJs as they should – as art. This passion for the art form has seen Steppin’ Motion throw events at influential venues such as fabric in London, Nouveau Casino in Paris, and Goya Club in Madrid. These events, as well as featuring the home-grown talents of label head Swoop, homeboys Mooglee, and Julenn have also meant that they have been able to add artists such as Chris Carrier, Fabe, Djebali, Janeret, Mihai Popescu (MP) and Enrico Mantini to their ever-growing family.

It is the latter artist Enrico Mantini that deserves special mention at this point. Enrico’s contribution to house music is undeniable. Having been a self-professed emotions dealer since the early ’90s, Mantini’s unique and faithfully analog approach to production saw the Italian quickly reach mythical status and with timeless work such as ‘The Maze’ still sounding as fresh today as it did in 1992 the Steppin’ Motion crew have a special delivery from Enrico’s vaults in the ‘1993 v 1995’ EP.

Featuring Mantini’s signature syncopated grooves, deep rounded basslines, and enduring production style this 4-track EP is a serious blast from the past but is more than capable of killing it on any modern dancefloor. From the low-slung grooves of ‘Prejection’ to the delayed synths of ‘Isolation’, the haunting vocals of ‘Living Without You’ and finally the trance-inducing melodies of ‘Be One’ Mantini’s skill as an artist has been proven time and time again over the years and this EP on Steppin’ Motion is testament to this. As well as the vintage EP being a gift in itself and producing a limited run of only 300 copies the first 100 lucky people to order this exciting piece of musical history will also receive a link to a hidden track from Enrico. Titled ‘Vishnu’ the slow jam will again reinforce Mantini as one of the most important deep house artists of our generation. Do not sleep on this release as it will not hang around for long.

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