Premiere: A1 – Enrico Mantini – Prejection [SMR003]

Having staked his name and reputation on being an early protagonist of deep house Italian artist Enrico Mantini has forged an illustrious career that has spawned several decades. It is this early work that has now been uncovered and brought back to life for the next installment of French label Steppin’ Motion.

The ’93 Vs 95’ EP from Mantini takes a trip back in time where deep house was still in its purest form and this EP is a perfect snapshot of the more stripped down side of the genre. Mastered in Enrico’s own DDA Mastering Studio the pick of the EP ‘Prejection’ features cavernous house stabs that are balanced to perfection with some serious sub-bass that undulates throughout the track. Swung drums help to let the track sway and breathe with a tidy swagger that acts as the calling card for the entire release.

A2 ‘Isolation’ is a slightly different affair but still maintains the timeless air of an artist perfectly in tune with his equipment and his vision for the music he wants to produce. The minor-keyed synths dance in and around the syncopated grooves as if they are one and the same. Flipping over B1 ‘Living Without You’ is a bittersweet slice of twilight focused deep house that Mantini truly excels in. Completing the regular EP is the super atmospheric ‘Be One’, featuring dusty sax licks and Enrico’s raw yet well-rounded drum processing that again produces time capsule house that still sounds as fresh and as inspired today as I was back in the ’90s. For those lucky enough to bag the first 100 copies of this EP you will also receive downtempo bonus track ‘Vishnu’ which again points to Enrico Mantini being not just a house producer but an artist with many strings to his bow.

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