Costa Del Tottenham welcomes a collab between Eya Records and Alien Communications

Due to the recent expansion at London venue, The Cause has been provided with the option to grow the open-air section of the complex and so the recently launched Costa Del Tottenham was born. The celebrated London venue has played host to a number of high profile events and with their multi-room approach they have enjoyed club nights of all manner setting up shop within their many rooms.

Costa Del Tottenham will look to naturally complement what is already on offer at The Cause and with social distancing being top of the agenda this will pave the way for roads back to clubbing. With this in mind on Friday, July 31st they will be playing host to a top collaboration between Eya Records and Alien Communications.

The London label will be partnering with UK based production duo and imprint of the same name Alien Communications for an alfresco party and with the imprint gearing up for their second label release with Sub Club legend Domenic Cappello there will be plenty to write home about. As well as the intergalactic duo, there will also be sets from Eya Records artist Jos and headliner Carl H (Animals on Psychedelics).

Due to the current social distancing safety measures in place capacity will be reduced and the onus will be on group seating so accommodate the right amount of people that are essential to creating the right vibe for such an event while providing safe space from those around.

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