Calypso close their first Malaga beach season with a winter showcase

Calypso is a Malaga-based project shared between Alexis Cabrera and Ignacio Morales. Taking place in Mijas, their beach-side showcases have soon built up a memorable reputation for sleek minimalist music merging with the stunning landscape.

Last Summer, the event took place very much on the beach where revelers danced in the sand to the likes of Nu Zau and Nekes presenting their serene strain of club music.

Inspired by the effortless groove pushed by this corner of dance music, Calypso brings together an accessible, beach-friendly vibe with innovative and boundary-pushing art. Taking place in these particularly beautiful locations encourages a transportive experience, connecting to nature whilst listening to the ethereal, journey-like music from a string of devoted selectors.

As the winter months set in, Calypso heads inside the beach club for their winter series which debuted last month with Federico Molinari and Giuliano Lomonte. Takings proceedings indoors, the music comes even further into the forefront with excellent sound systems rolling well into the night.

It’s a unique affair to listen to such quality and niche music whilst being on the coast of Malaga. Calypso is a prime example of the rising number of crews popping up all across the globe, sharing the same motivation of pushing passionate music in gorgeous locations.

Marking their last showcase of the year, this Saturday 17th December sees the crew return to Florida Beach Club with another team of talented aritsts in JNJS and Mera. The Ibiza based project JNJS is the duo from Trommel favourites Jay Nortown and Jacobo Saavedra. Their work on the Spanish island has been prevalent for a number of years as we outlined in our interview with the pair.

Inspired by the sleek, timeless end of house music, their music draws on snappy percussion and vast atmospheres that has landed on the likes of MATE LTD and Jacobo Saavedra’s SVDR label.

Joining them is the Romanian force, Mera. The UNUM curator has long been crafting a bottomless pit of serene minimal for a number of years. Back in 2020, he provided a 90 minute mix featuring only unreleased productions, as well as offering a free download of his heavily supported track ‘Silly Van’.

It’s no secret that the artists chosen for this occasion share the same passion and drive as Alexis Cabrera and Ignacio Morales running the project. This unique affair is an opportunity to experience dance music in a mystical environment that is destined to bring the best of out of both artists and the crowd.

This is only the beginning for Calypso and they will be continuing the beach series well into next year. Buy tickets for Saturday 17th December here.

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