Berghain reopened its door for an acoustic listening experience

The infamous door policy of Berlin’s clubbing institution Berghain has been well documented, but now there is an art installation running that will almost assure entry to the great hall of techno. The ‘show’ titled “Eleven songs – Hall at Berghain” comes from the collective minds of Sam Auinger and Hannes Strobl and is more an acoustic listening experience than the run of the mill music show.

Taking place in the great Kessel Hall fellow curator Markus Steffens confirmed that last year the pair were asked to design the experience before the COVID-19 closed the larger clubs in Berlin. Now, Berghain has been given the chance to open its doors once again. Due to social distancing, only 50 people will be able to enter the hall at one time and the pair describe the room itself being something similar as an instrument as the sound has been designed to interact with the venue’s high ceiling concrete architecture. You will be able to experience the eery sound installation until August 2nd.

Due to the popularity of the venue and the limited capacity you can still experience the long queues that snake back from the imposing structure but at least this time you can visit safe in the knowledge that your waiting time has not been in vain.

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