A truly special Animal Crossing birthday party as Raresh, SIT, Priku, Sepp & Nu Zau head to Manchester

Few promoters have had quite the impact on clubbing in Manchester for some time but just one look at Animal Crossing’s laser-guided line-ups and this only tells part of the story. Every single party takes place in a never before used space and we are not talking about new club spaces. It is AC’s mandate that every single event must take place someplace even more obscure than the last. This is not a novel exercise either, the AC crew recognizes that most things in life have been done before so putting on parties in new and unique spaces is 100% required in order to push their craft and offer something that little more special. That might be an old disused car showroom or perhaps some railway arches, either way, each party is programmed and curated to give the most memorable experience possible.

That is exactly what they have done for their 2nd birthday and then some. For their party on Sunday, May 24th Animal Crossing has gone above and beyond what they have done before. There are few artists capable of making such a noise before they even play a single record and that person is Raresh. The [ar:pia:r] member, like his compatriots, is something of an enigma, one of the most unassuming people in the scene yet capable of reducing a club full of people to tears with his spellbinding sets, unquestionable skill and expert track selection. If you haven’t caught this Romanian in action yet then make sure that this is the first time that you do.

Raresh is more than enough to rock any party but this is Animal Crossing and to really put the icing on the cake they have brought back a few of the artists from their previous parties and added them into the biggest party that they have ever thrown. While it is safe to say that all the artists that they have previously booked are worthy of this special event we are sure you will agree on the validity of their choices. Returning after what was up to that point one of their most daring events they have recalled the trio of Priku aka El Presidente and SIT aka Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia. Not to take their skill or contribution to minimal music lightly in the slightest these 3 artists consistently top bills and blow minds every time they step behind the decks and that is exactly what will happen during this May Bank Holiday 14-hour marathon.

As well as the pairing of SIT another very well-known double act will be performing and that is the UVAR duo of Sepp and Nu Zau. On any given weekend, you will find the pair singularly and collectively spread out across the universe telling tales of greatness through their finely woven musical stories. Each and every performance from either of these unique artists only helps to solidify their place in the cosmos and of course why they should be front and center for this next-level party. We have left the best for last and of course what would a party of this nature be without a road blocking Animal Crossing debut. As always, the Animal Crossing DJ’s will be on hand to open up their party, the exact location is yet to be revealed but we thought it was clear by now that you can trust in the AC team to deliver something special every single time. As if you didn’t know by now but tickets for these parties are like hen’s teeth and given that the upcoming Infuse party sold out in one day it is worth jumping at these tickets before its too late.

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