Various ‎Artists – Funky Fungi 002 – FF002

Living in Berlin, Georg Stuby is a longstanding house and techno DJ, producer and teacher. His creation, Funky Fungi, is a vinyl based record label working as an outlet for Georg and his friends to release their music. Inspired by a fungus’ thread-like mycelium, the label was born of a desire to connect artists and listeners, while linking sounds from the funkier, more psychedelic edges of music. One of the imprint’s cornerstone is that all the vinyl pipeline and people involved, from its concept to production, mastering, vinyl cutting, engineers and design, are working on the highest possible quality level.

FF001 debut release was in March 2016 with a 12″ featuring  two original tracks both mastered by the legendary Mo Stern, a sound-engineer and speaker-developer from Berlin involved in working with the usual suspects and in general everyone interested in having excellent sound.

From this first collaboration, the concept of FF002 was born, an ace, perfectly executed, subtly dubbed and minimalist Tech-House groover.

The vinyl release is written and produced by Mo in collaboration with Alex Trebo (MopMop) and is made of three tracks: on the A-side there is Nouchkanäe, a 10mins trippy instrumental journey with some impressive vocals from Mari Mana. On the B-side (B2) we can find Return Of The Psycho Vip, more cryptic and complex production, with intricated sounds that find together their coherence and balance when played on a proper soundsystem.

Crush is the B1 track. Originally produced by TSB which is another project from Mo and Alex Trebo, the remix duties have been assigned to label-boss Georg Stuby, which provided a more balanced and groovy track, which builds up until min 4:30 when psychedelic elements are introduced, giving a real leg-boost. Georg’s intention was to keep the warm vibes coming from the pad and the bongos, enriched by instinctive dreamy lead sound.

While speaking with him, he jokes saying that when producing the remix what he had in mind was an early-morning sunrise dancefloor vibe, even though in that moment was in a studio 3 levels underground.

The future plans for the label are to connect with interesting artist and release a constant stream of music, made with quality for music lovers.

Various ‎Artists – Funky Fungi 002 – FF002
A1 –Digital You feat. Mari Mana – Nouchkanäe (Vocals – Mari Mana)
B1 –TSB – Crush (Remix by Georg Stuby)
B2 –Mopiman – Return Of The Psycho Vip

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Tracks taken from Do-Funkk YouTube channel
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