Alexis Cabrera dissects a Ricardo Villalobos bomb in the next episode of his studio series

After Alexis laid bare Franco Cinelli’s re-rub of Cassius in the first edition of in depth studio session ‘What Makes A Track A Bomb’ the next bomb track up on the operating slab is none other than ‘808 The Bass Queen’ from Ricardo Villalobos.

Lifting samples from 1991 hip hop track ‘1-900-BASS’ Ricardo Villalobos has crafted one of his most recognisable tracks off the back of the opening vocal sample. With the history that this track has with his brand of tripped-out brand of music, there are few better tracks for Alexis to choose to pull apart.

What is so special about this video series from Alexis’ studio is the depth and musical knowledge that he has at his command. His ability to recognise the particular sample in each of these tracks, recreate each of the synth sounds, and also explain chord progression and note theory is truly impressive.

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