Trommel.188 – Onirik

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An impeccable ear for a track is not something that just happens by accident. It can be learnt of course, but the combination of dedication, flair, and confidence is closer to the fact. This is something that our newest addition to our podcast series has in spades. Federico Benedetti aka Onirik is a bit of a renaissance man, he is a DJ, an accomplished one at that, he is an artist, quite a good one with releases on Garage Hermétique, Off The Grid, and Dopium Tribe. He also happens to have his own record label, a rather good one too, it’s called Garage Hermétique, you will likely have heard of it. If you haven’t heard of his labels (shame on you), or his own tracks (how dare you), then you will most definitely have heard of his record distribution company, label, and record store Off The Grid. We weren’t joking when we said that he does it all.

Being able to present a mix from an artist such as Onirik is such an important part of our sonic journey, tracks unearthed and curated over years, and also the occasional lucky find. Onirik is also not afraid to feel his way through a performance basing his vibe through his ninja-like intuition. Either way, it is always how they are put together that matters and Onirik’s deft touch with a record bag and pair of turntables is all that is required to deliver a vibe that shuns the need to conform to styles or genres. Lush dreamy house soon gives way to deep probing basslines, angular synths and room rocking breaks with more than a nod to a life spent digging through records and samples. Few have the ears, vision, and the touch to rival Onirik and his mix for our podcast series will tell this tale.

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