Premiere: A1 – Dopium Tribe – Rear-wheel-drive [DOPIUM001]

Dopium Tribe artwork

Dopium Tribe begin to put their ideas to wax after what has been a year in the making. The collective was coined in March 2020, a group of associates joined together with a vow amidst the ritualistic smoke of the 309. Said group of associates is made up of Onirik, Bruno Schmidt and Robin Ordell.

The trio have been moving in similar circles and this won’t be the first release to feature their names side by side. Schmidt & Ordell have made music before as Asper Bothrops, over on their own labels Domesticated and No Time Country. All three artists have previously released together in some way. And if we can look to the positives resulting from the lockdowns, the fruition of Dopium Tribe is one of them.

We start with ‘Three-wheel-drive’ on the premiere. Deep, mysterious, and trippy, this one takes you on a groove-fuelled journey through a warped time and space. As the big round bassline plods along in nonchalant fashion, it is the weird and wonderful samples that really come to attention.

Mechanical clicks, cranking taps, electrical signals, and a soft chord melody merge the robotic with the groovy. There’s an ambiance to its subtle layers but the beat keeps it moving. Playful and inquisitive, an exploration through the three minds of the artists at work.

This series is a result of endless hours spent jamming at home, a regular studio appointment that continues to take place. It appears this is just the beginning of a firm fixture and it is definitely a strong start.

The record is distributed by Off The Grid Distribution and can be purchased here. Due for release 17th May.

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