Trommel.176 – Karine & Shakolin

It’s not a very unusual thing for our podcast series to have someone as a pair. For b2b or just as a project – check even the previous mix, it was made by Brawther AND Tristan Da Cunha. But – a married couple of DJs – and not just DJs, but good ones, is still a rare thing on the scene.

This power duo, representing the city of Kyiv and its staple Closer, it seems, finally has the worldwide recognition they deserved for a long time. But, that’s for the bigger masses. The true connoisseurs already know that the sound of Shakolin is one of the things, that built the public image of Closer. And Karine, who started as a booker there, soon became a VERY valuable addition to their DJ roster. Maybe some of you even were dancing at their wedding party (or should we call it an afterparty?) at Closer, and were the witnesses of that beginning of their b2b magic, who knows?

Just as in this particular mix, their sets (b2b or separate ones), usually are the journeys for the seekers. Those, when you don’t know, and won’t really remember the tracks, but can recall the feel of the set even after many years. Aging like a good wine, right?

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