Review: Otis – the Infamous Case of the Charlatan [AMZS004]

Latest Amazing Stories release, number 04, is from Italian-born and Berlin-based Otis.

The producer and record collector has been quite active recently, set to mark his appearance on Anthea’s Partisan Records as well later during the year.

The bond between the artist and Partisan is growing strong as he has also been involved in the residency the imprint is having at Club der Visionaere during summer 2018, where he will play a special LIVE set on 29th of May.

The EP he made for Amazing Stories is quite sound.

A1, the Charlatan, is a spacey and round production. Several elements are finely combined in creating a nice bouncy groover. A2, Confidential Trickters seems to be more rational and less instinctive, still keeping similar bouncy vibes of the Charlatan, more oriented to be a dancefloor-killer.

the Credulons is the first track of B-side: like Quackery on B2 (joint effort with Aton) it keeps the right energy while fading to more dark and obscure landscapes. Tight vibrations and mystical discoveries all around.


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