Premiere: A2 – Otis – Hitmaniatrance [SW001]

When we presented the free track from Punky and The Brain earlier this year members Paul Lution and Otis were not lying when they said they had a raft of new music coming your way. The latest in this slew of peak time electro leaning gems is the first release from Lebanese crew somewhere… and they couldn’t have chosen a more in-form artist to mint their imprint.

We head straight to A2 where “Hitmaniatrance” strips things back from the beginning so as to build them up, and build it up Otis does expertly. A pure and unabashed uplifting piece of electronic music. Arpeggiated synths are introduced off the back of flourishes of snare rolls and shimmering hi hats. Just because music is stripped back does not mean that it is basic, far from it. It takes a well crafted set of skills to say a lot with much less. That and the studio know how to make it all work in the room and transfer it to the dancefloor. This is something that Otis is highly adept at.

A1 “Jafar” is a much darker mode and a firm way to open the release, but as dark as it opens it soon lets light to seep in even just for a moment. Flipping over to side B and the first track on the flip is “Dreams of a Thinking Computer”, going by the sounds that Otis manages to combine in his tracks we have every confidence that his machines are very much alive. Ethereal synths that ebb and flow as if like the wave of a forgotten dream just out of reach wash over just in time for the robust beats to kick in. Completing an outrageous first release is “Hyperstimulacion” and the otherworldly breakbeat presents as if being beamed from a distant world. The analog signals that combine to produce the grooves and the flickering synths that produce the basslines appear as if Kraftwerk were actually taking part in the Tour de France.

“Hitmaniatrance” is only track that is currently available to buy in digital form but you will be able to get your hands on the full digital album and wider vinyl release very shortly. Just make sure you keep an eye on the somewhere… Bandcamp page.

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More info on somewhere…
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