Review: Brad Wilder – Restart w/ Dewalta Remix

OFFLINE records are back with their first release of 2018, following a stellar debut from label owner Christopher Groove and his Secret Garden EP. Not to mention the Villalobos trio of remixes.

Next up is the other half of the OFFLINE ownership, Brad Wilder, featuring a two-track EP and an exceptional remix from prolific producer DeWalta.

The German producer has taken Wilder’s B2 ‘Restart’ and given it what you would call ‘The Villalobos Treatment’. Stretching the original time of 7:40 to 12:05. Wilder’s version offers a loopy and groovy dancefloor cut that can be used at any time of the night. DeWalta’s take is slightly darker.

The track is given an eery feel due to the distorted vocals that feel like ghosts whispering throughout the track. As per usual with DeWalta, this track utilises almost every percussion available to give it that extra level of groove. A driving bassline is complimented by heavy kick drums and catchy bells that make you forget about the ghostly whispers and just make you want to dance.

The best remixes are the ones that take the original track and steer it in a completely fresh and different direction, which is exactly DeWalta has done. The track has a surprising amount of dancefloor potential despite the sinister vibe the vocals give the track. However, I think they’d match up well during peak time in a dark venue. Like I said, those kick drums just make you want to dance.

Brad Wilder’s EP ‘Restart’ as well as the DeWalta remix will be out in early April

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