Premiere: A1 – Quenum – Bolero Soul [ADM027]

Italian label AdMaiora Music returns after a year’s hiatus and what a release to relaunch with. Previous artists include NTFO, Ray Okpara, Reboot and Santos but it is Cadenza co-founder Quenum that has come up with the goods for the next instalment. As well as the Swiss artist present across the 2 x 12” EP there is also a duo of studio wizards on the team sheet.

A1 and title track ‘Bolero Soul’ leads out with a massively atmospheric intro that sounds something similar to standing underneath a screaming rollercoaster as it careers above. The blown bassline gives the track massive amounts of swagger as the trippy effected chants flutter above it. Noisy percussive hats and snares rattle about the elongated vocals with serious purpose and across the near 14-minute run time and the warped synths move this track into a more peak time footing almost immediately.

Over on B1 and German artist DeWalta is next to make his mark on the release and he takes on the sprawling ‘Bolero Soul’. The gloomy vibe of the original is still intact but instead of it being sinister there is a half-light atmosphere that cuts away a lot of the serious sub bass from the original and replaces it with a refined and measured swing. The upfront chants are also replaced this time with ethereal breaths of vocals and snappy percussion. It is clear where DeWalta got the idea for the ‘Interstellar Mix’.

C1 holds the second of the original cuts from Quenum and the Swiss artist is a more retracted mood on ‘Mystic Full Moon’. The minimal originator weaves a sinewy synth throughout the track and loose percussion dances in and out of the way of a vocal snip that offers just the right amount of tone. In true Cristi Cons fashion there is no stone left unturned in the pursuit of the perfect sample to expand on. Over the course of the full side D he unfurls two distinctly different remixes of ‘Mystic Full Moon’. The first remix is a bass heavy work that stretches out the musical almost drone elements of the original across taught drums. While on the ‘Sunrise Mix’ the action is more centring around the vocal sample as well as the more cosmic elements.

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