Premiere: B2 – Pulse 2 – Gravity (Nekes Remix) [HUND009]

Italian label HUND Records present their ninth vinyl release.

The prolific imprint has been serving up crafty minimalist jams out of Vicenza, inviting the likes of Brett Jacobs and Nima Gorji, as well as more local artists like the featured upcoming duo Pulse 2.

Three lively cuts from the duo form the EP, weaving menacing basslines between bouncy hats eager to rock a dance floor. Early support on the release comes from the likes of Fabe, Alci, and Archie Hamilton, as well as previous label support from Raresh.

‘Time Machine’ opens the record with an evil bassline and heavy, dub-techno like chords washing overhead, whilst ‘AM 32’ and ‘Gravity’ explore hopeful atmospheres and nifty drum programming packed with swing.

Oslo boss Nekes steps up for remix duties in the premiered B-side. The long time CDV and Hoppetosse resident showcases his seasoned ear for groove in his take of ‘Gravity’. Croaky, almost toad-like melodies intersect at the rear of a playful, earwiggy bassline moulding a warm, retro-inspired aesthetic.

His works with Cabri last year gave an insight into Nekes’ world of groove in the featured premiere for Fabe’s Salty Nuts label.

Drums are dry and simplistic, allowing for loose melodies to breathe and evolve within subtle tweaks and reverbs unfolding throughout the track. 909 sections are dusty and swung, littered with intricate changes that sound like tuning into a session in Neke’s studio that could have been rolling for hours.

This casual, jam-like approach to sound design allows for the rich, analogue depth of sounds to become a focal point, whilst bringing a natural improvisational charm. Nekes’ remix offers a more relaxed, after hour friendly vibe than the original, concluding a well-rounded EP.

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