Bains&Douches in Zurich welcome BE9 and Belisa Bookings for an extended party

After an unforgettable opening weekend at Bains&Douches last month which was spent in the company of Thomas Melchior as well as Ingi Visions, S.A.M. James Mc Hale and Barem in the weeks between, Zurich’s newest and steamiest intimate nightspot returns with a show-stopping showcase of all that is great and good in forward-thinking house and techno. With the lower floor of Spacemonki now being home to the custom-designed bathroom inspired club space it is clear that every single detail has been thought of when executing Bains&Douches, even down to the mirrors which also act as screens for visuals and the bathtub DJ booth.

Utilising the full extent of Spacemonki’s 2 floors on Saturday, October 26th will see both rooms at the Zurich venue being used to its full potential. Upstairs on this special night will see Baumhaus program the evening with sets from Tony Casanova, GUZY, Fulmma and Luke Dm will complete the line-up.

Meanwhile down in the depths of Bains&Douches will be primed and ready to receive the combined talents of Mannheim crew BE9 and Belisa Bookings. Making the trip from their home turf of Parker Lewis to Zurich for the extended session will be label hotshot Fabe who will play b2b with Nekes, Monika Ross, Tim Etzel and the Hello People pairing of Ajele and Emiliano will round off this blockbusting party. What makes this gathering even more special than usual is that this is somewhat of an open-ended party and those in attendance will be encouraged to go for as long as they can.

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