Premiere: B1 – The Lumens – Krember [PNH03]

We have been tracking The Lumens and their Positive Not Happy imprint since their first release. With each release, the combined forces of Luca Doobie and Mech continue to delve into the world of dancefloor primed house and techno. On this their third outing as The Lumens the pair step up to deliver the four-track ‘Milosky’ EP which also includes remixes by Denaila and OSLO Records boss Federico Molinari.

What starts out as a moodier tact for The Lumens B1 track ‘Krember’ soon begins to build in a bit of sunlight shafting through the gloom. Taught percussion pings off the arpeggiated bassline that bends around the punchy drum arrangement. This mist lifts further with a arrival of a filtering synth line that threatens to fully open at any moment but bides its time a while longer. Halfway through the track the clouds part to let serious rays in and that’s when the filter opens fully on the 303. An extremely well-balanced track that does quite a lot with such a fairly limited sound palette at its disposal.

Although B2 track ‘Sunrise’ does not appear in its original form on this release the parts have been handed over to Denaila who in turn turns in a rolling piece of peak time action. Flipping back over to side A and The Lumens present another original works ‘Milosky’. The plinks and plonks of their modular gear conjure up random sync’d array of sounds that are given context by the growling bassline.

Closing out our look The Lumens third EP is the sure-fire remix of ‘Milosky’ by Federico Molinari. His insane production skills honed over years and countless top releases are evident here. The original is lifted to a whole new level by the raw detuning synth, grinding bassline and filtering 303’s. We couldn’t think of a better way to bring our review to a close.

The ‘Milosky’ EP from The Lumens’ Positive Not Happy imprint is on pre-sale now from

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