Premiere: B1 – Markus Sommer – Aye Aye Sugar [PAGER012]

Markus Sommer and his top-class Pager Records imprint are both well known for their high-energy releases. From the supercharged grooves of Markus’ ‘Active Feel’ to Porco Rosso’s ‘Keine Worries In Den Hollies’ all Pager Records always have that certain funk that is hard to put into words, it’s so just different to a lot of house and techno out there.

For the twelfth edition Markus has something a bit deeper in store, those funk AF basslines are still in full effect but the peak time vibes have been dialled down a bit. There is much an onus on deeper energies hence the ‘Garden Party’ title for the EP.

We start our in depth look with side B where we pick up with B1 ‘Aye Aye Sugar’. A hazy mid-afternoon groover that conjures up chilled sessions on a deck, sun kissed boat party or just a cosy day under your favourite tree. The 707 drums snap into place with a gentle swing that makes that Offenbach swagger so effortless. Fuzzy synths growl in the background just enough to remind you that it is not impossible that a massive party might kick off at any moment. B1 ‘Inside Ring’ is that step further towards the party but still very much with one foot on the grass. Punchy kicks, subtle synth chords and that swung groove ensure there is parity between chill and dance vibes.

Flipping back over to side A and A1 and title track ‘Garden Party’ is a perfect example of stripped back house with some downright funky elements added back in. No fancy drum patterns are needed here as the retro synth line, breathy vocal loop bumpy bassline all combine to complete yet another summer dayz heater. A2 ‘Time 2 Dance’ is by far the most upbeat track on the EP and it is still relatively relaxed but in a very good way. Tightly wound echoes on the subtle synth that runs through out grinds ever so slightly against the grain in the best possible direction. H ints of French Touch house also shine through too and we are sure this will sound just as good pitched up, pitched down or at zero pitch.

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