Premiere: B1 – Guy From Downstairs – Nokia (Petre Inspirescu remix) [TOS009]

Guy from Downstairs joins Maher Daniel’s The Other Side for the imprint ninth release, including a remix from Pedro. The artists behind GFD imprint (as well as roumors on his involvement in the unknown artist imprint QNQN) connects the audience by defining a new angle, this being dictated by the vocals from Nokia, while the track Endopero captures unique expriences through the hi-hats, the clap and the kicks.

The EP orbits around three tracks: Nokia, Endopero and Nokia remix, with our special attention on the third.

Petre Inspirescu is on remix duties for Guy from Downstairs’s Nokia, and used a lifting approach throughout the 12 and half minutes of the track.

Needing no introduction, Petre Inspirescu aka Pedro, is part of the well-known trio [a:rpia:r], with a long recognition from Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano. Inserting some eccentric vibes between the minimal house and the Berlin groove, Pedro has an outstanding deejaying career of his own, becoming a desired presence for festivals and music events around the world. Moving to Bucharest, the capital of Romania, was probably a major step in his evolution, driving Dumitru Bodiu to a continuously-ascending boom. With releases for [a:rpia:r], Fabric and Cadenza, he refined a style of his own, easily recognizable by other artists and listeners as well.

An audacious groove can be heard from Pedro’s approach, redefining the Romanian style like an allegory of bold bubbly bass overlaid with aural crispness.

The release from the The Other Side” is an undeniable proof of identity of both Guy from Downstairs and Pedro, a meaningful concoction of melodious patterns. It is also another gem added to the label catalogue, while another massive EP is already under construction…

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