MINIM Productions embarks on a unique spatial sound odyssey

Since the dawn of modern clubbing it has been widely accepted that the end product of the music coming out of the speakers, regardless of definition and speaker placement, will come from a stereo signal. However, with the advancement of audio technology this is due to all change. Step forward Dutch production team MINIM and the work that they have been putting into their next event is truly inspired. 

On Saturday, May 25th MINIM will be taking this tried and tested club sound format and deconstructing it before rebuilding it to incorporate an L-Acoustic’s multiple channel configuration with unlimited creative possibilities. This format will mean that the artists entrusted with such a setup will have the option to place different elements from their music creations in different spatial environments around the dancefloor. A method that high grade electronic music has been crying out for and has now been realised by MINIM with a view to presenting a truly unique 360 sonic experience. This direct placement of sounds across the soundfield by the artist will ensure a truly original experience and accomplishing that all too familiar promise of “immersive experience”. Remember, this is no expo show, this is a fully fledge Amsterdam rave of the highest order.

This mind expanding session will take place at one of Amsterdam’s warmest venues The Other Side. If you have been lucky enough to spend any time here you will know just how special the space is and also the people that make it so. The Thuishaven warehouse venue houses the perfect size of dancefloor for such an event and will ensure that the already special vibe will be turned on its head.

Now onto the artists that will be taking you in this journey and there could not be two more fitting artists to do so. Firstly, is none other than Ion Ludwig. The Dutch artists’ live performances consistently wow fans around the world and with a back catalogue such as his it is hardly surprising. A sure thing when it comes to live electronics, we are certain there were few names that could top Ludwig when it comes to taking full advantage of such an audio stage. The second live act is Hostom, but you perhaps might know him better as French studio wizard Varhat. His knowledge and application of hardware is second to none and with his own now legendary self titled wax series and a mountain of releases under various pseudonyms his addition at this event will be talked about for years to come.

With a full complement of live acts in place we hand the floor over to a pair of DJ’s adept at keeping the floor moving in more than a few ways. Firstly, we introduce Ukrainian selector E.Lina. An eclectic figure that will be poised to more than put this system through its paces. Finally, the final piece of this puzzle is Dutchman Silvester Golderbloom, a regular on the Amsterdam scene and a name that comes with a variety of references that include Yellow House, Shelter, BRET, and we are certain many more to come very shortly. 

You can buy your tickets for Spatial by MINIM here.

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