Premiere: C1 – Dubfound – Flying Fish Song (Rhadoo Remix 1) [TOS010]

Maher Daniel’s The Other Side return with an intriguing split EP.

Following the Canadian’s collaboration with Ricardo Villalobos earlier this year, TOS 010 invites Dubfound and Rhadoo for a lesson in minimal hypnotism.

Two classy side-length cuts from the recently featured Moldova-based-maestro fill the A-side, with Rhadoo shaping two remixes on the flip.

Remix 1 showcases the Romanian’s familiar, dance floor territories in this near 12-minute venture. Building on Dubfound’s already dissonant ideas from ‘Flying Fish Song’, otherworldly granular sounds morph over distinctively understated grooves.

Each new piece of music from the [a:rpia:r] co-head feels like an in-depth study into rhythm and texture. A bubbly bassline and lean hats form a colourful foundation for an almost mythical, otherworldly exploration into sound.

Squelchy, sci-fi-like modular workouts bend around twitchy textures, backed by a gentle plucky sequence bringing a melodic character to the dissonance. A welcomingly housey drum palate allows for ideas to dive deep, showcasing the immersive and emotive impact of these long-form compositions.

The repetitive arrangement allows for layers of subtleties to breathe and evolve with an incredibly hypnotic effect. A fierce snare similar to that heard in July’s remix of Fabe’s ‘Def Yours’ loads the track with energy throughout this deep, throbbing head trip.

Remix 2 reveals an interesting, trip-hop-esque remix of the same track. Tense chords loop over a druggy beat that sounds like an [a:rpia:r] record playing on the wrong speed. A mean bassline navigates this curious downtempo piece littered with tricky drum programming.

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