Premiere: B1 – D:fferent Place – Letter From Tokyo [DEF004]

D:fferent Place004

D:fferent Place’s debut album lands on his self-titled imprint.

The Italian producer has been a frequent face across the house and minimal realms, pressing a series of well-received soulful cuts, both under D:fferent Place, and his alias Pressure Point.

Numerous tracks have surfaced in the sets of the likes of [a:rpia:r] and many of the Sunwaves roster, soundtracking stunning sunrise scenarios with their serene and hopeful atmospheres.

‘Letter From Tokyo’ showcases the retro-inspired vibe of much of the project’s output in this premiere. Slim, driving drum machine patterns form around dreamy pads hovering with a dusty, fragile vibe often expressed via vintage synths and their warm, distinctive character.

Upon reaching the milestone of releasing his full-length album, we caught up with the prolific producer as he explained the project has been a labour of love for a number of years and hopes that “it enters people’s minds, that they feel emotions from the first track to the last.”

When discussing his studio process and the influence of hardware, D:fferent Place accepts that his sound “is still characterized by analog machines mainly from the 80s and 90s, even if it can be compared to the Chicago house sound of those years, I think it’s always nice to welcome their own musical character.”

Arriving as a product of a dedicated studio habit, he admits “everything is the result of work over time, working in the studio for many months or rather years, at a certain point I began to realise that I had created enough material to have an album as I wanted it.”

Looking ahead to the rest of 2021, Pressure Point reveals there are “plans to release a track on Meander with my friend Christopher Ledger, an EP on Residual Recordings, Pluie Noir, and Tresydos“, as well as hinting at the future of D:fferent Place; “let’s say that 005 is already ready.”

Listen back to the label’s third release in our premiere of ‘How Is It’ and stay tuned for future news of the Italian’s works.

Buy the record at KMA60.

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