Premiere: B1 – Alex Ranerro & Aron Volta – Stellar Drift [RENDR001]

Having been rather prolific in the digital realm since their first release back at the start of 2019 Rendr Records are now making their first tentative steps into the world of vinyl. Helping the deep tech meets minimal imprint stake their claim is Slovenian artist Alex Ranerro and Dutchman Aron Volta.

Bounding out the blocks of side B is ‘Stellar Drift’ and there are few tracks that relate so closely to their title like this. The bumping bassline and haunting pads combine to give a very real sense of being adrift among the stars with only this urgent groove for company. The Detroit-ish synth stabs plump the track very nicely and in turn, develops into a bubbling prime track that cements the arrival of 2 very capable and exciting artists on to Rendr Records. As described by co-label owner Euan Swift, “…we were waiting for the right time to move onto vinyl with the right artist and when the opportunity to work with Alex and Aron we knew it was the perfect release to start on as we have loved their sound since we started.

On B2 Peruvian artist, Alejandro Cuestas gives ‘Stellar Drift’ a wigged-out makeover and pumps up the energy levels a tad while retaining the lush synth washes found in the original version. The first of the 2 original cuts on the release features title tracks ‘Resolute’ and a gnarly bassline does much of the heavy lifting here while the beginning of a trademark sound found in the atmospherics works its way into the depths of the track. Completing the action for this super tight release is Kevin Toro’s re-rub which takes a more minimal route to that of the original and features complex sampling, tightly wound percussion, and a bassline that plumbs the depths of outer space.

The ‘Resolute’ EP from Alex Ranerro & Aron Volta can be bought from and ships from Wednesday, September 2nd.

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