Premiere: A2 – Lord Of Leisure – Coffee N Chups [PARANG006]

Parang006 Artwork

Brooklyn based vinyl imprint Parang Recordings shape their sixth release with a spread of contemporary European producers.

Robert Johnson resident Markus Sommer debuts his new alias Lord Of Leisure, sharing the A-side with another undisclosed Offenbach alias, with two UK based artists Spin Fidelity and Bowyer bringing the flavours to the flip side.

The German collective of producers coming out of the Frankfurt area have been spearheading a new wave of garage tinged house via a number of prolific outfits, including Sommer’s sought after Pager Records, Hardworksoftdrink, previously premiered Traffic Records and countless other sub labels and secret collaborative monikers, etc.

The premiered ‘Coffee N Chups’ from Pager boss Markus Sommer pleads for a glorious, sun-kissed outdoor setting. Simple, tasteful melodies caress a light, hazy chord sequence sat generously low and unhurried in the mix.

A laidback and comfortable energy remains throughout the track, with gentle, reduced drum patterns seeping in and out of the mix, slotting satisfyingly between an array of carefully constructed melodies.

Influences of his native Offenbach creep into the picture with a moreish crisp, snappy bite to the drum palate, often heard in his previous work. Sommer’s new school stain of house music manages to keep one eye to the dance floor with nods to skippy UK Garage, whilst expressing a lazy, blissful state.

Comforting call and response unisons appear to unravel as the arrangement progresses, with simplistic sequences honouring a less is more approach; this sleazy warm up jam is destined for frequent plays across a variance of dance floors.

Each contribution on the release brings a mood tailored for variance moments of a set, whether it is an outdoor daytime affair or bringing standout moments to the club, a compelling and inoffensive charm rings pleasantly in each cut.

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