Premiere: A2 – Leo Pol – Xeniouski [WM014]

Leo Pol has released on a pretty diverse array of labels, but one thing that tends to tie his music together is his affinity for ‘90s led electronic music. Be it high tempo house, dream-inducing deep grooves, or the case with his latest ‘Warehouse Music 014’ EP for Mella Dee’s Warehouse Music imprint he has covered all bases.

It is the tough energy soaked breaks of A2 track ‘Xenouski’ that applies here and the Frenchman wastes absolutely no time in getting down to business. The breakneck riddims and pounding 808 kicks are not for the faint-hearted but with electro led breaks nestling neatly between upbeat house and techno this a sure-fire weapon in the right hands of some of the tougher artists in the minimal scene. The repeating synth line, rapid percussion, and pitched down vocals are straight out of the old-school banger playbook and quite simply this will devastate any room that it is dropped.

Similarly, rewinding back to A1 ‘Priviet’ is a banging slab of peak time house and again perfectly proves how deft Pol is at delivering those ‘90s feel-good piano vibes. B1 track You Know What I Want’ heads down a darker more electro route and with an almighty bassline and laser zaps that, alongside the previous tracks easily transport the listener to a heaving derelict warehouse party space in the throes of an all-nighter. Rounding out the release is the pounding ‘A Base De Kush’ which gives serious throwbacks to the ear of proto trance and peak time progressive. Again, pitched-down vocals feature which adds even more weight to the timestamp that is all over this EP.

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