Premiere: A2 – Legit Trip – Street Market [PBOX003]

Another label we have been tracing since the first release and having been in charge of the maiden release Legit Trip is back to deliver the third edition of Purple Box. Muscovite Legit Trip has been busy in the studio since PBOX001 and has appeared on Jack’s House and Heisenberg prior to this outing.

The punchy up-tempo riddim-tinged house vibe has become a Legit Trip calling card and his percussive entry to this purple wax-only VA is our pick of the bunch.

The drums ‘Street Market; have been stripped right back to their core for maximum impact in order to leave plenty of room to breathe. The insistent groove demands attention and forms a formidable tempo that will no doubt sneak in many peak time sets.

Heading back to the top of the record A1 effort ‘Deeplov’ from Astre is in a similarly buoyant mood. Uplifting synths soar but not too high instead retreating back to the beat where clipped hats cut through the mix with ease.

Flipping and Lee Onel takes things deeper on ‘Freedom’ with a sublime pumping houser. The Detroit pads and strings combine like glue to build a sleek atmosphere. Zuckre & Mi Hash round out a pristine four-tracker with ‘Groove Brightness’. A grinding bassline rubs up against the thumping beats in the best possible way adding more than a little attitude and musicality in equal parts. There is absolutely no filler or fat to be found on these lean dancefloor tools and the result is another top release from Purple Box.

‘Purple Box 003’ is now available via

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