Premiere: A1 – Satoshi Tomiie – Late Night [VL011]

Japanese artist Satoshi Tomiie is a true pioneer, from his first release ‘Tears’ alongside none other than Frankie Knuckles way back when he has always kept his output at the fore of electronic music. Forming dancefloor bombs from his control center in New York his upcoming ‘Late Night’ EP for Vatos Locos and it is clear that Satoshi means business from the off.

A1 and title track is the focus of our review today and from the opening bass-heavy salvos ‘Late Night’ is aimed squarely at the darkest of dancefloors. The gnarled bassline modulates alongside a simple motif but the depth of the frequencies that it covers is stunning. Adding to the pitch-black vibe of the track is the similarly styled synth stabs and scything hi-hats. Abstract synth runs soon join the fold and the result is an impressively muscular tech house work out.

Fuse London boss Enzo Siragusa is called upon to flip the title track on A2 where he turns in an even more bass-heavy version that calls upon his undeniable garage roots. Reining in the original bad boy bassline from Satoshi Enzo couples a more musical Rhodes piano section with deeply driven bassnotes. Flipping the record over ‘Out of Nowhere’ on B1 strips things back to reveal a more groove focused tool. Stuttering snares, crisp hi-hats and vocal chops converge to deal out a rolling slab of house. Rounding out the release is ‘Left Over’ and the flecks of acid bass are coupled with a repeating synth motif and snappy percussion.

The ‘Late Night’ EP from Satoshi Tomiie is now on pre-order at

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