Trommel.171 – Satoshi Tomiie (live)

We won’t bore you with hyperbole regarding the long and illustrious career of Satoshi Tomiie. By this time you should be well aquatinted with his stone wall classic “Tears” alongside house music god Frankie Knuckles and a string of certified weapon releases. As unquestionable this seminal slice of house music is, that was 30 years ago and Satoshi is most definitely not one to dine out on previous accomplishments. An ever evolving journey through his music means that the only direction is progressively forward.

As well as the well earned house stripes, Tomiie has developed a more stripped down ‘less is more’ approach which has led him to a more beat driven route. He now finds homes for his solo music on the likes of Vatos Locos, Parisian house Chapelle XIV Music, and his more recent home away from home in taste-making imprint Yoyaku. There is also no forgetting his own Abstract Architecture label which has become a steady platform for his solo and collaborative work which this year saw its landmark tenth release.

Eurorack modular synthesis is the central brain to Satoshi’s setup and the spaghetti junction of patch cables that run the electrical current between the many sound and groove modules is quite a sight to behold. Even more impressive is Satoshi’s focused skills in adapting his machines and hardware to the mood of a dance floor. Some artists say that they create music in the sets “on the fly”, when Satoshi Tomiie says it, he really means it.

This is a fully improvised outflowing of creativity through the medium of techno, dub, electronica, and all the many other sound elements that are fused together across the 78 minute run time. Utterly hypnotic and impossibly powerful, welcome to Satoshi Tomiie live.

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