Premiere: A1 – Ricardo Villalobos & Umho – Por Cuete [DM023]

Ricardo and Umho aka Ricmho have long enjoyed a collaborative relationship and have worked together on many projects including their previous Drumma outing ‘Melo De Melo’ EP on Drumma.

It is Drumma that the pair now land back on with their follow up EP ‘Por Cuete’. The Chilean pairing deliver their quintessentially extended minimal style as a direct result of recordings made at Ricardo’s studio during Umho’s European tour that took place back in 2015.

A1 ‘Por Cuete’ treads similar ground to ‘Por Suerte’ but only stylistic content as this time around their combined work results in a much more percussive workout. Droned out basslines work its way through the track embedding itself in fabric of the release. Feedback tones punctuate ‘’Por Cuete’ too and almost threaten to topple the balance of the track before it retreats again. A waning synth creeps into view though the first part of the track and given that the run time is nearly 16 minutes the first sight of melodic content comes fairly late in the day. It is almost as if the track is broken into two distinct mixes within the track. Followers of Ricardo will know this is par for the course.

Flipping over to side B reveals two excellent mixes of ‘Por Cuete’ from Felipe Valenzuela. The first of which is a brilliantly upbeat breakbeat ‘Alternative Mix’ and the basslines employed are so Moorish we almost wish they are never removed from the mix.

The second ‘Closer Mix’ is a bit closer to the original and utilises more of the original basslines and waning synths but in a much more upfront fashion. Both mixes from Felipe are excellent though and really showcase his skills as a producer, remixer, label head and he is of course well known as a DJ too. As well as the top music found on the release the artwork is also rather special making Drumma023 a bit of a collector’s item that should be played so don’t sleep.

You can now grab the EP from Yoyaku.

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