Premiere: A1 – Minube – Scar 92 [324VA005]

With Moldova’s rise in the minimal underground scene, Parisian 324 Records unveils their release featuring Chișinău-based producer and DJ Minube. Established in the French capital in 2013 and taking its name from the very height of the Eiffel Tower, the label aims to create a casual but precise environment around different artists sharing a deep interest in electronic music. They are encouraging the development of every DJ’s identity, through recurring events in Europe and Canada.

Our pick of the release is the first track on the record, A1 – Scar 92, which bears the name of the EP. Minube takes us on a minimal journey, with deep modular basslines and dark vocals, creating a psychedelic atmosphere with mental and strong grooves, spooky pads, and definite snare drums.

Heading to A2 – Fluffy Zap, a collaboration between Minube and his Moldovan counterpart Ghertz, the second track continues the minimal narrative with playful kicks and electrifying synths.

Flipping over to B1 and we can see the remix of Minube’s first track off the record – ‘Scar 92’,  by BRYZ. Adding his dub and dark sound, his reinterpretation is the perfect weapon for a killer groove on the dancefloor, surrounded by a delightful and trippy melody.

The last track on the record, B2 – Julietta, featuring Minube and Ilya Dubrovin, ends the storyline with an industrial vibe and puzzling machine-like vocals, fused with bubbling pads and a dark-themed sound.

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