Premiere: A1 – Miller – Timewarp [RGRX002]

After breaking the dreaded COVID-19 duck with an exceptional party at Weetamix back in July Real Gang Records return this time with a heavy-duty slab of rolling modular minimalism with Miller at the helm. The 3-track original only ‘A Moment In Time’ EP unequivocally points to a time in label co-founder Miller’s recent past and he lays it bare in this release.

The guys at Real Gang have always been spot on with pretty much everything that they turn their hand to, be that their parties, podcasts, releases, and even their clothing line and Miller hits a sweet spot with A1 beauty ‘Timewarp’. Processed conga’s lead the track in before a punchy kick is joined by seemingly random modular noodlings that seem to make their own way around the track before being snapped back to shape by the crisp 707 clap. Hushed vocals and waning pads give a brief respite during the break but act as neat percussive elements once the track drops back into view. The complex rhythms on show here are a perfect example of a well-read artist that knows what works on a dancefloor and how it will impact his own sets.

Taking side A all to itself, B belongs to a duo of tracks with ‘Okuzak’ being the first of the two. An undulating bassline pulse slowly through the track while blooming pads swirl around it. Slightly subtler than ‘Timewarp’ B1 is all about the groove and ebb and flow of the musical elements at play. Rounding out another top-notch release from Real Gang B2 and title track ‘A Moment In Time’ listens as if Miller has flicked through his book of memories from the plethora of parties that has informed his sound and captured exactly that – a moment In time. Longing pads and punchy drums give this track a timeless edge that will surely see it stand the test of time. As Miller describes in the release notes, this EP was formed during his time in lockdown and we are sure he will look back fondly of his time with his machines when listening back to this EP in the future.

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