Premiere: A1 – Matthias – Mind Control [AOD006]

One charming aspect of promoters which also operate their own labels is that you can often link the music back to certain elements of their parties or even when you heard it played for the first time. It’s strikingly easy to do with any of Art of Dark‘s past five releases, but it feels especially so Matthias‘ Mind Control EP and our premiere of its title track showcases it perfectly.

The thudding drums and escalating key progressions create an increasingly intense atmosphere from the get-go and when the menacing melody, as well as the dystopian ticks and bleeps of hardware enter the fray, it’s obvious a serious track is beginning the emerge. As the bass booms and the melody modulates, the authoritative vocals of ‘mind control’ are sure to conjure up memories of sunrise penetrating FOLD’s infamous blinds at an Art of Dark party whilst someone like a Onur Ozer or a Nicolas Lutz begins to enter more hypnotic territory.

Also featuring on the four-track EP is the bass-loaded funk of ‘The New Dominion’, perfect for jolting some extra energy into weary legs later on in the night. The B side plays host to ‘Wide Open’, a rumbling and twisting oddball techno track whilst the punchy ‘Fatal Crusher’ rounds off the EP being the most downtempo of the EP, although the 303 ensures it’s perfect for building foundations during the early parts of a set.

Mind Control will be available to purchase shortly from Juno, Deejay or any good record store of your choice.

Matthias and his studio set-up.

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