Premiere: A1 – Marco Dez – Passiflora Edulis [CPSL002]

After Caposile - Marco Dez - record art

Rarely does a new label make such a mark in its launch as did Italian label Caposile Music. Not surprising when you have Traumer on the remix for your first vinyl only. That signature sound captured in his edit of Francesco Maddalena’s ‘Leaf Flying’ complimented the original works excellently. The same formula is repeated in the second release. This time label affiliate Marco Dez takes the reigns with iO (Mulen) on the rework.

The platform is proving to stand true to its definition, celebrating previous guests from their parties. Building further the bond, cementing the relationship. And at the same time, the label mates have their own say. As a resident of After Caposile, Dez is finely positioned for it with his ‘Passiflora Edulis’ EP.

We’re presenting the title track on the premiere. It’s a tasty number that would fit in nicely at the parties from which it is centred. The infectious groove is the backbone. The bassline is simple, while lively energies swirl in the synth that surrounds it. Percussion is textured with the rapping of mechanics, a constant growl thrusting the beat.

Pleasing chords bring in realms of euphoria and as the drum cymbal smashes at the main break, there’s room for a joyous moment on the dance floor.

iO Mulen takes ‘Passiflora Edulis’ in a different direction. Of course, the groove is packed out as is usual in his productions. Melodies become the focal point, complex and a little dark, twisted and primed with energy.

The record will be available to buy from, due for release on 1st July.

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