Premiere: A1 – Louie Fresco – Pride [FR016]

Having been a core member of the No. 19 crew back in the 2010’s Louie Fresco proves that great producers will always be great producers regardless of genre and style. Louie has recently updated his sound to encompass a darker, more trippier underground slant. Where better to find a home for his new material than the excellent FA>IE Records. On Louie’s 2-tracker “Pride” EP, he keeps it dark and dank with a pair of mind melters, let’s dive in.

We take aim at lead track “Pride” and there is little doubt that this has been forged in a dark basement somewhere. Delayed synth stabs roll over punchy shuffling beats with an unmistakable hip hop vocal sample bedded deep in the background. With Louie’s trained ear for a soulful vocal well known, here he melds this to the skipping grooves that will grab the attention of all the minimal heads. Severely detuned synths that rise and fall like a siren will most definitely see this making its way into the bags of jocks that like to mess with the heads of the dancers that prop up their dancefloors. 

On the other side of this fine slab of wax is an even bigger jaw swinger in the shape of “K-Dot”. An utterly outrageous bassline jumps out of the mix here along with more insane vocal treatment, but there is light at the end of the tunnel as a sublime string pad shines through, if only for a moment before heading straight back to the dirty groove that propels this track. It seems impossible to do this EP justice given the hilariously on-point release notes from the equally twisted minds behind FA>IE Records.

You can grab FR016 from now.

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