Premiere: A1 – Lapucci – LSD Hallucinogen [BOSCO046]

Fabio Della Torre aka Minimono’s Bosconi Records history in minimal leaning house and techno stretches back a great many years. What is even more impressive is that their own productions pre-date this by several years and the Italian artists first found homes for their productions on longstanding Tenax Recordings and Telegraph.

They clearly still have their fingers on the pulse on what is great and fresh in the Italian producer pool as they have linked up with Lapucci for an EP. The ‘Levitated Sensor Detector’ extended player collects together four cosmic bangers.

The dreamy intro of ‘LSD Hallucinogen’ hints an epic that is about to kick off. The arpeggiated bassline and synth that undulates around the flanged percussion give an edge to the track point to an interesting journey into the wormhole that is a hallucinogenic trip. The listing of the many hallucinogens leaves nothing to the imagination how best to enjoy this track or how it was possibly conceived. Regardless, it is a great track that takes pride of place at the top of this EP.

Leading on from the edgy atmosphere built up in A1 ‘Quantum Entanglement’ moves this idea forward in time by a sizeable leap. The lo-fi synth and cowbell percussion give a retro-future feel while prepping modern dancefloors for some peak-time dancing. Flipping over B1 ‘Density Matrix’ utilises an airy flute that while is dreamy works extremely well with the pounding drums. The EP is rounded is nicely by ‘Kinematical Postulates’ which also reminds us of some of Ion Ludwig’s more ethereal work.

Lapucci’s ‘Levitated Sensor Detector’ EP is available on pre-order via Bandcamp or viniil.

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