Premiere: B1 – Rizzi & Lapucci – Interstellar Spring [SPRAYTEST01]

Today we’re having a new label with a well-known (if you’re reading Trommel from time to time) duo of Rizzi and Lapucci. Franky and Mattia are doing great lately, you can check it by their works on the Cowbeats label. Now – a new label Spray Test. Let’s go.

Their “Interstellar Spring” is a very simple house tool. Simple, but – my favorite – not boring. Mainly because of the melodies inside, very nice work on them, all pieces are very catchy so you’re probably going to sing them till the end of the track. If not – well, they will still stay with you at least for a day. I would say that because of that simplicity, this track on the B1 position will be played most from the record. Let’s see.

This VA has a little bit more interesting stuff inside, starting with the recent Mood Waves label member – Jacopo Latini. His opener here, called “Heavy Thoughts” is a little bit more aggressive than our premiere (if we’re talking about the bassline), but it is equalized by those charming vocodered vocals. Can’t get enough of them, really. MOFF at the A2 with “Space Groove”… I’m sorry, but I have to mention this – huge… No, not like that – HUGE Youandewan vibes. Sounds really like something that could be the unreleased track from PURESHORES-001. Can’t say it’s bad, I actually like the track. But a little bit weird. And we’re closing the record with a calm beauty with a little drop of acid and sexy murmuring vocals by Roberto Manolio. “Give It To Me”, is the perfect type of outro for me, as I like to say.

Don’t sleep on the record, where you can play every single track. Check the pre-orders on Viniil, Juno, Deejay or wherever you’re buying your wax. Move!

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