Premiere: B2 – Rizzi & Lapucci – Galactic Storm [COWBEATS02]

What can be better than one Italian guy from my previous premiere here? Yes, you are right – two Italians. Duo of Rizzi and Lapucci and their beats of the Milky Way. They decided to use the formula from the first release on Cowbeats – three tracks and one remix. Ancut was replaced by Do Or Die as the guest, three very nice tracks were replaced with three other very nice ones as the main dishes here. Let’s check them one by one.

So, we’re starting from the end. “Galactic Storm” on B2. It has some connection to their “1551” from the first one – those warped vocal samples. A little unusual harmony and chords that kinda disorientate you, but still sound just as they should. Since “1551” was my fav track of the previous release, it was easy to pick this one as the fav here. Not a banger, but zero boring seconds inside – that’s what I personally like to play.

The A-side is totally under the realm of “Dark System” – as the original version and a remix by Do Or Die are stepping hand-in-hand like a very nice old Italian couple here (don’t ask me why I picked this comparison, I don’t know). During the original track, you probably will be distracted by those melodic bells in the back all the time – it kinda makes you forget about the very nice percussion line here. The version by Do Or Die will surprise you with its dubstep (whaaaaat?) and heavy breaks moments inside – as in the previous release, the work of the remixer is astonishing. To be brief here – A2 is a bit more aggressive than A1 (plus dubstep, don’t forget). “Let’s Go Owners” brings us to that disorientation again, this time with the help of 808.

If you want to hear those aforementioned dubstep (again – whaaaaaaat?) moments too – you just have to pre-order the record on Juno, Deejay or Viniil. It’s THAT simple. And I’m already starting to guess, who will be the next remixer of Rizzi & Lapucci and what he’ll bring to the Cowbeats on top of their work.

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