Premiere: A1 – Jos Lok – Walco [CAESURA001]

Recently we covered the launch of Noah Skelton’s new imprint Caesura Records. As promised, we’re back with a full length from Jos Lok, an impressive four tracker. Known for his abstract and groove laden beats, the Dutch artist does not disappoint for the first in this new series.

Musically minded from a young age, Lok had his hands on a drum kit at nine years old. Developing beats since the early days, his musical mind has evolved over the years. After playing his part in a metal band for a while, he finally discovered the rhythms of techno. And the results have proven to be impressive.

ThenWhen EP marks Lok’s first 12″ release as well as the birth of Caesura. We’ve taken the EP’s opener for the premiere. ‘Walco’ has a naughty little beat that lures an infectious appreciation from its cheeky groove. It’s a perfect balance of deep, minimalistic techno next to warmer notes of drifting, euphoric synth notes. The combination of flavours makes it playful but at the same time, it means business.

A cool vocal remains constant while an array of ear tantalising samples trickle in and out at the back. Intricate clicks and crackles sneak around the rest. Being so full of life keeps it fresh from start to finish and well worth the full eight minute listen.

The rest of the EP is a showcase to this talent. With another three tracks a little deeper but equally as interesting as the first, Lok’s ThenWhen EP serves up a pleasant selection of catchy, melodic groovers.

You’ll have to wait a little while for the release which is expected towards the beginning of July, at which time you can purchase from Juno.

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