Premiere: 3 – Ben Balance – You Can Count On Me [MOSSV020]

Joining Archie Hamilton’s Moss Co. stable of artists is Mannheim’s bad man Ben Balance. Having made his name by way of his vibe a plenty take on house and techno the BE9 artist has turned out hot EP’s for the likes of Conspiracy and of course his own clutch of wicked labels that include Sukhumvit Records, Valioso Recordings, Yaji Project and NCSS. Ben flexes his diverse taste in music with 3-track ‘No New Friends’ EP for Moss Co. digital.

The title track ‘No New Friends’ is a no-nonsense slice of party house and a deep grinding bassline signals that this is aimed squarely at the dancefloor. The ‘90s-Esq hip hop vocals give this a real swagger and the pounding drums top this off as a tool to really ignite a flagging dancefloor. ‘2 Bears’ follows similar ground to that of the title track and features Ben’s trademark up-tempo house stance. Upfront drum programming packs a hefty punch and signal all roads leading to the front of the dancefloor.

Completing the EP is our pick of the release ‘You Can Count On Me’ and what starts out as rather epic soon winds down to a moody house groove. The uplifting elements are still fizzing away in the background as if biding their time to surge to the surface again. There is a lot going on in this track but each part is given the right amount of space required to shine through. The arcing zaps and waning synth stabs are nicely underpinned by a tidy slap bass lick as well as the racing percussion that rips over the top.

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