Premiere: 2 – Najeh & Jakob Seidensticker – NY Breakfast (Tripmastaz Remix) [LR101]

Having recently enjoyed the remarkable milestone of surpassing their 100th release Lauter. return with a five track EP from Najeh and Jakob Seidensticker. Formally known as DirrtyDishes Najeh combines with Jakob to offer a high octane mix of house, techno breaks on ‘NY Breakfast’ EP and Tripmastaz and Hard Drive Library are both on remix duties.

‘NY Breakfast’ EP kicks off with the title track original cut from Najeh and Jakob Seidensticker and the energy levels are already set to peak mode. Acid lines filter their way through the track while the massive bass line and bumping beats point to a time in the recent past where vibe was of the utmost of importance and Najeh has tapped right into this. Where the original was all out peak time the remix from Tripmastaz drops the energy levels a bit in favour of adding in a few more subtle layers of sound. The shuffling kicks roll off the distorted bassline as if they are liquid mercury and of course there is the trademark Tripmastaz grooves. Discarding the original full on acid lines in favour of more filtered versions, bleeps and zaps. This iteration is a much darker affair but again this helps to tempter the rest of the EP.

Najeh gets back to business in solo mode on ‘Still’ and his high octane take on house returns. Dreamy synth pads and vocals work together to trade blows with much harsher synth elements and heavy hitting drum programming. This theme continues on ‘GTC’ but the straight house grooves are replaced with more garagey skipping drums and a pitch-black bass that will certainly do real damage on the dancefloor.

Hard Drive Library turns in a great remix on ‘GTC’ where sublime pads are underpinned with an excellent break beat jam. For a label that is over one hundred releases deep this is as fresh as it comes and it is clear Lauter. is going to be about for some time to come.

LR101 is now available from Beatport.

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