Premiere: 2. J Gabriel – Levity (Akufen Second Remix) [EYE011]

Brooklyn-based artist J Gabriel makes a return to Eyedyllic Music as a followup to last year’s ‘You Know/What They Say‘ EP and his remix on EYE006. For the eleventh release of the label, he offers up the jazz-laden ‘Levity EP’ with stunning remixes crafted by Perlon‘s family member Akufen.

Driven by his old Roland SH2, J Gabriel kicked off the lead track merging elements of deep house with soft minimal undertones. ‘Levity’ then received two remixes treatment by the original stamp of Akufen, also known under the alias Horror Inc or Stowaway on Perlon’s sixth Superlongevity compilation. He kept the main elements of J’s production and changes moods for his interpretations.

Opening the EP with his second remix, Akufen breathes between minimal and house. He sets the scene with a deep circular sub bass to the rhythm of a delicate bassline, embeding aerial sounds and echoing vocals to reach the drop point of the track. After a travel through different bright areas, the track takes a u-turn onto a funkier vibe and give way to a rhythmic jazzy melody. The producer masterfully implements his minimalistic approach toward different genres ending up in a groovy mixed-up track. 

J Gabriel’s EP is a unique perspective into what the Eyedyllic aural landscape looks like. Mik Santoro and Kev Obrien launched the label back in 2018 with the idea of releasing what they consider to be “beautiful, authentic and emotionally rich electronic music“, no genre barriers. And indeed, they are fast becoming the go to label for deep leaning emotive groovers.

‘Levity’ EP is available on Bandcamp and Beatport through this link.

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