Premiere: 1 – Maxim Thierry – Saint Marie [SVRSR004]

Having called Hamburg and Berlin home while living in his native Germany Maxim Thierry now residing in China is in the process of reworking the region’s house scene.

It seems only right that Maxim would also embark on his own personal journey into sound. This journey begins with a clear statement of intent as his 3-track EP for Norwegian imprint Sous-Vide Records will attest.

Leading out Maxim Thierry’s 3-track EP for Sous-Vide Records is the sublime deep houser ‘Saint Marie’. Verby percussion and a muted pad set the tone for the track and also the rest of the EP. Synthy piano chords are soon joined by accompanying musical elements to produce a perfectly rounded picture of a shimmering deep house bomb.

Moving on to the remainder of Maxim’s debut release and he continues to build a solid swagger through the percussive elements in his track. ‘Baleal’ retains the Detroit-esque vibe of ‘Saint Marie’ but pitches up the energy levels considerably. Neat vocal licks, cool groove programming, and a fresh take will set the German apart on this and also future releases.

Rounding out the release is the enchanting ‘Gaudi’ and the third and final track on the EP occupies another slot in Maxim’s sound palette. Picking up where ‘Baleal’ left off the groove takes another step up in intensity and again benefits from the finely crafted drum programming and sweet sound effects. For this being Maxim Theirry’s debut release the tracks and techniques demonstrated hint to the German being a great addition to the minimal house fraternity.

You can now download the EP exclusively from Bandcamp.

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